Women Wearing Glasses – Makeup Tips To Highlight Your Frames And Tips To Keep Your Makeup Healthy

Wearing glasses can come with some challenges, especially for girls and women who wear makeup. Your glasses don't have to put a halt to your makeup routine. Instead, embrace the glasses and adapt your makeup application to highlight the glasses. Here, you will find a few makeup tips for you ladies that wear glasses.

Lighten the Shadows

Glasses can sometimes cause shadows to show around the eyes. To combat this, apply a lighter-toned foundation or concealer on the bridge of your nose and under your eyes. You don't want the makeup to be too much lighter – just a shade lighter than the rest of your face.

Fill the Brows

The size and shape of your frames will determine what needs to be done with your eyebrows. If you have thick, large frames, light brow makeup is all that is needed. If you have smaller, thin frames, fill your brows with eyebrow powder or a very sharp eyebrow pencil. (Use short, light upward strokes with the pencil to maintain a natural look)

Easy on the Eye-shadow

In most cases, it is best to stick to subtle shades of eye-shadow when wearing glasses. The frames can already work to highlight your eyes without the use of a deep shade of eye-shadow. If you love colorful eye-shadow, stick with colors that coordinate with your frames – you don't want your face clashing with your frames.

Keep It Clean

You must pay attention to how well you keep your makeup. Makeup, when not cared for properly, can cause eye infections that are uncomfortable and unsightly.

Keep it to yourself – never share makeup with friends and family. Doing so puts you and those using the makeup at risk of sharing infections.

Clean the openings – use a bit of rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball to clean the openings of your liquid makeup often. This will kill any germs or bacteria that are growing before it can spread to your eyes.

Sharpen your liners – eye liners can get really dirty quickly. Sharpen them once a week to remove the old makeup from the end and start fresh. Don't forget to clean your sharpener after each use to prevent germs and bacteria from being introduced during the next sharpening.

Close the lids – it is easy to get in a hurry and neglect to put the lid on your makeup. Try to remember to take time so that airborne contaminants can't land on the makeup and get spread on your face during your next application.

Your eyeglasses can enhance the look of your makeup and vise versa. Take some time to play with your makeup to find the right application that works for your face shape and the frames that you wear.

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