Helpful Ways To Keep You From Losing Your Reading Glasses

If you regularly use reading glasses, you most likely try to keep them close by so you can grab them to read something right away. Many people find they have difficulty keeping track of glasses they do not wear constantly. Here are a few ways to help keep you from losing your reading glasses so they are always handy.

Invest In A Glasses Chain

Placing a chain around your neck which has a clasp to attach to your reading glasses is a great way to ensure you do not lose them in a spot within your home or at work. Your glasses will always be attached to you, making it hard for them to get lost unless the chain breaks. Place your chain with your glasses attached in your bathroom so you can put it on after you shower and dress each morning.

Purchase Neck Hanging Readers

The newest trend in reading glasses is to purchase a pair that has a looped portion that rests upon the back of your neck while the glasses portion rests upon your upper chest like a necklace. The middle part between each lens is magnetic, making it easy to slide the glasses around your head with ease. When it comes time to use them, pull the lenses apart to release the magnetic grip, pull them up to your face, and reattach the magnetic portion. These glasses will remain hanging around your neck when they are not needed and can be pulled up when you must read something. You can find this type of reading glasses from a company like SportClic.

Set Aside A Designated Location

Having one place within your home where you keep your glasses is best. If you make it a point to use this location each time you take your glasses off of your face, it may become a trained habit to set them down in this spot without even thinking about it. Another idea is to have one set of glasses in this spot and another you use throughout the day. If you misplace one pair, the designated location will have your backup glasses available for usage.

Keep A Scheduled Routine

If you do the same tasks in the same order each day and night, you may find putting your glasses in their designated area is a bit easier as it will be part of your routine. If you follow a scheduled order of events, it will also be easier to find your glasses if you do lose them, as you will be able to backtrack the steps of your schedule to determine where you had been, saving you time as a result.