Tips For Teaching Your Child To Care For His Or Her New Glasses

When your child gets new eyeglasses for the first time, it will likely take him or her a bit of time to get used to the new look. As your child adjusts to how he or she looks in the mirror, you can lend a hand by going over some simple tips that can help keep the glasses in good shape. If you've worn glasses for years, you'll likely know how to care for them — and you'll be able to easily pass this knowledge down. If you don't, however, here are some simple tips that you can learn and share with your child.

Take Precautions Before Sports

It's easy for glasses to get bent or even broken when your child is playing sports, so make sure that he or she knows how to take care of them in this setting. If your child only needs to wear the glasses for reading, for example, he or she can likely remove them prior to playing sports. In this case, make sure that the child has a durable glasses case to hold the glasses, and that the case is placed in a secure location. If the child needs to wear the glasses during the sporting activity, an elasticized strap that runs from one earpiece to the other will hold the glasses on the child's head and prevent them from getting knocked off and stepped on.

Wash Them The Right Way

Many children are always on the go, but you need to impress upon your child the importance of cleaning their glasses in the proper way. Wiping them on a tissue or an article of clothing can often result in the lenses getting scratched. Make sure that your child has a cleaning kit and uses the liquid and specialized cloth. It can be a good idea to buy a couple such kits when your child picks up his or her glasses and encourage the child to keep one kit at home and another in the his or her backpack.

Let You Know If They Get Bent

Glasses are uncomfortable to wear when they get bent, but your child shouldn't be nervous about relaying this information to you. When your child reports that the glasses aren't comfortable, you can take him or her to the local optician and get the glasses adjusted by a professional so that the fit is correct and the eyeglasses are comfortable for your child to wear.